Thinking of all the reasons why today’s fathers are such mewling weaksauce faggots would take too long. Instead I present three reasons why the current climate has favored the decline of traditionally masculine and distant fathers with those hyperengaged with their children’s psychosocioeconomical development:

1. The increase in working moms- more moms now spend more time at work so dad needs to learn how to change the diaper and be a good little babysitter.

2. Women are increasingly demanding men to take on chores and become domesticated not as a means of self-actualization but simply to compete with their girlfriends on who can make their man do the most housework – right after they discuss each other’s performance in bed.

3. Men are increasingly accepting these roles hoisted on them by women because they believe kowtowing to these screaming dykes is somehow the only way to put a ring on these former cumguzzling succubi. This is ironic because I can’t recall a time where working stable men should be as highly prized as they aren’t today. But current dads-to-be lose both ways: they marry the would-be-spinsters and then go along with her idiotic requests to support that pie-in-the-sky princess mentality of having it all again ( once they already had it all in college wink wink).

Many of these dads are repulsive to those who still have a modicum of masculinity because no matter the cultural zeitgeist our Y chromosomes are screaming and cursing at the shambles of modern manhood propagating their soft-cucked genes forth into future loser generations.