The current state of society as measured by the length and frequency of romantic relations is a worrying state indeed.  What were expectations of long-term relations once two young people met, have morphed into short casual encounters with a mutual understanding that meaningless sex will follow. Seeing as this is a relatively modern state in terms of the sheer number of people who imbibe in this ideology, it forces one to ask what are the possible consequences of this behavior and how sustainable it is.

One does not need a PhD in the social sciences to understand that these modern relations cannot be terminated in succession ad infinitum without any consequence. Indeed, if one thinks about what kind of person would engage in these kinds of behaviors and escape unscathed, it is apparent that releasing each partner with their psyche intact requires a sociopathic ability to distant oneself from the awry conclusion of the relationship.

Thus, to be maximally sexually competent in the current age one is required to either develop sociopathic tendencies, or is rewarded for having them in the first place. This may seem inconsequential because of the small proportion of society that has sociopathic tendencies to begin with but this must be understood in the larger context with what is happening in Western nations. Namely, if you combine these increased tendencies with increased xenophobia, cultural relativism, apathy and just plain anger you have a population that is devoid of all the positive half of possible human emotive capabilities.

As for those chumps that engage in this behaviour but don’t have the sociopathic chops to escape unscathed and remain scarred for life with the emotional consequences of their actions, well that’s fine because the state will pick up the slack here courtesy of the tax payer. Pharmaceutical industries are already one step ahead here and can thankfully help you with their Zoloft and Xanax pills though you might end up being their slave for life.