Life itself is a constant series of tests with the successful and righteous passing through a never-ending loop of delayed gratification. Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded with the need to give in, succumb, enjoy the labors of the day, but it is in fact those who don’t rest on their laurels which consistently come out ahead. This delayed gratification plays an important role in how we, as a society, assign worth or value to things.

Consider women. We respect feminine chaste women for two main reasons:
1) It is very easy for a girl to give up her femininity and chastity and increasingly so in our degenerating culture
2) Conversely, we recognize the huge effort of delayed gratification that it takes on part of the woman not to give it all away and also the huge parental investment including the proper upbringing of said woman.
We recognize that the women who delay gratification make the best spouses and mothers and therefore are the best means of propagating our genes forward into the next generation. That is why no matter the year,  chaste feminine women are *always* in demand.

Now this little gem might be obvious, but not to all women, because they are bombarded on a daily basis with different means of achieving unbridled hedonism. It’s either how to become a bigger slut or a bigger man-hating cunt with some mixture of the two thrown in for those truly aspirational future ball-busting succubi.
The huge effort, both in terms of the family and the woman herself is the reason that many other women, especially feminists hate these types of women who were raised decently. The feminists recognize not only what they don’t and can’t have but also that which they never had— the necessitous urge of delaying gratification.

No, most successful feminists, in a blatant attempt to protect their psyche from fracturing under the huge burden of bullshit that is their messed up lives, double down and admit that they are sluts of the highest order. This is why many of the current third wave feminists spend huge sums of money and time to convince the rest of the decent women that they should give everything up so everyone can be on an even playing field. Silly sluts, it just doesn’t work like that and never will. There will always be families who raise their daughters up right because the parents, along with the rest of society, whether they admit it or not, recognize the huge value that a correctly raised daughter has. To add insult to injury of feminists, the current age of decadence and debauchery happens to skyrocket the value of chaste women and the corresponding blood pressure of feminists to which I can only say: That could have been you, but you playin’.