the profile of a high-minded
independent woman
calling the shots atop
her tower of independence
enshrouded by her ego:
man has to be 100% spectacular
well-mannered and well-coiffed
high income is mandatory
of course
above 6’2

but what do you offer sweetie
besides that rotting gash
and rolls upon rolls of mediocrity
damaged liver and fractured heart
you’ll have to wait a while
for your prince charming
he’ll come galloping in
but only so his horse can feed on
your pathetic entrails
and lick that oleaginous sweat
off your bosom

the failures of years of smoking, drinking
and pretending to be likable
roll off your brow
and onto your unpainted nails
and droopy tits
as your heart pressures your lungs
into wasting another precious ounce
of oxygen
which could have been used
by someone with a modicum of decorum
like the homeless or drunkards
with their piss-stained clothes in the alleys
who have more life in them
then you ever will